Learning to Drive with the Mercedes-Benz Academy

The Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy offers a unique approach to learner driver training. With an exceptional pass rate, the academy provide some of the best learner driving tuition available. Here are a some of the options available:

#1 Under 16’s Driving Experience

The under 16’s driving experience was created to offer those eager beavers that can’t wait to  the chance to experience the freedom of driving a car for the first time, with the aid of a professional coach. If your feet can reach the pedals of the compact Mercedes-Benz A-Class (thats about 1.5 metres), then you are old enough to drive at the Mercedes-Benz Academy.

The under 16’s driving experience starts with learning the basic skills needed to control a car. Later moving into braking skills, cornering and quick reactions. If an under 16 has already attended a session then they can move on to learn other skills, such as dynamic handling and skid management.

#2 HeadStart

Older teens can enrol on the “HeadStart” course, which aims to give 16 year old drivers a head start on the by offering them driving lessons 12 months before they are legally allowed to take to the UK roads. HeadStart lessons are given on a purpose built training facility at the Silverstone circuit.

These highly concentrated, 1-on-1 driving lessons will teach teen drivers how to maneuver a car correctly whilst away from the everyday distractions of traffic and pedestrians. There is also a strong focus on road safety.

#3 Driving Lessons

The academy offer driving lessons for anyone aged 17 or over. These lessons provide you with an assemblage of on-road tuition, practice at the training facility, purposefully designed exercises, a highly trained driving instructor and a Mercedes-Benz car.

You can find a list of regional instructors for the academy here.

#4 Pass Plus

There is more to responsible driving than simply passing your test. Approximately 20% of new drivers are involved in an accident within the first year of passing. There is still a lot to learn and there will always be surprises around every corner.  In a survey carried out by the DVSA; 96% of those who took a Pass Plus course felt safer on the roads.

The Pass Plus scheme was devised by the DVSA and will help to develop your skills in areas in which you may have a limited experience. At the Mercedes-Benz Academy you can also take an “enhanced” Pass Plus course, which allows you to learn maneuvers that you wouldn’t be able to on the roads.

Find out more about the Mercedes-Benz Academy or book your driving course here.
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  1. I only had 5 driving lessons. The coach was really wise and told me to look out for everything. There was about a month in between my second and third lesson because I had to go out.
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  2. I always wanted to learn that how to drive a car, not just a car but a mercedeze and I am happy that today I have a post with the help of you I will start my training and will tell my friends as well.

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