The Basics of Selling A Car

Selling a car can be easy or it can become a real chore and the difference is you. By this I mean what you expect, how you advertise the car and what you are selling. For instance just because you love your car doesn’t mean that everyone will.

If you own a Fiat 500 don’t try getting Ferrari money for it.

So how do you price your vehicle? There are a number of ways to work out what your car is worth. Firstly be realistic about its condition, is it:

Concourse – The same is it came out the show room
Excellent – In good condition but with slight wear & tear
Average Condition – wear & tear and a little rust
Poor Condition – a lot of wear & tear and significant rust

After you’ve decided the condition of your car you can look at various magazines that list the worth of cars or check your local press for the same car for sale, alternatively you can just check on Autotrader for the same make and model cars for sale. So now you know what sort of money you should expect you can now start to advertise your car. The adage of “a picture paints a thousand words” really is true for selling cars. Give your vehicle a good clean and make sure it’s dry. Photographs of wet cars make it look like you have streaks down the car. Take pictures of the inside and outside to help keep away tyre kickers. Now you have a good set of photographs, what should you do with them? There a number of ways of advertising your car,

#1 Just stick a poster in the window
#2 Advertise in the local newspaper
#3 Put a post card in the local newsagents
#4 Use an online car sales broker e.g. Autotrader, Gumtree etc
#5 Sell it to a trader e.g. We Buy Any etc

Each way has its own benefits and downsides. Putting a poster in the window in the car won’t cost you anything but you are going to have a limited number of people see it which obviously means that it will probably take longer to sell the car. On the flipside to posters is using an online broker or newspaper as these will cost you a few pound but they do vary and sometimes give you offers e.g. buy 1 week and get another free, you will certainly each a wider audience. Do your homework and see what your budget can afford.

Let’s presume you’ve got some interest and people want to view your vehicle. Get it ready! Wash it, hoover it and make sure it smells nice. People will not buy a car that smells nasty. About 20 minutes before your prospective customers arrive, start the car, make sure it runs smoothly and top up the fluids. If you have white junk on the inside of the oil cap, clean it off. Many wanabe mechanics look under the oil cap as they think it makes them look like they know what they are doing.

If the customer wants to go for a test drive make sure they are insured, sods law says that will be the only accident they have and it’s in your car. So you’ve checked their insurance and they are legal, now go with them, don’t take their car keys as collateral for a test drive as they may still steel your car. I know I am sounding doom and gloom but you need to know that these people exist.

When negotiating ensure the customer knows the vehicle is being “Sold as seen” and make sure this is listed on the receipt, basically means the onus is on the buyer to find faults and they have limited recourse after the sale is finalised. Of course it goes without saying that you must not let them have the car if the cheque isn’t cleared. Cash is always king!

If you are in a rush to sell your car why not consider using a company like We Buy Any Car.Com as they will give you a price online and pay you the money in a one off payment when you deliver the car. Be honest when answering their questions online as they do inspect the car. However you sell your car you can increase the value by having the documents, including service receipts, make sure the jack and wheel brace are in place and give it a polish.

Image source: Rudolph Stricker / Wiki - Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons 3.0
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