The Next Generation of Vehicles for Young Drivers

The brand Scion was designed by Toyota to offer quality vehicles to Generation Y over a decade ago.   In order to cater to a younger crowd, Scion vehicles were designed to be fun to drive, fun to own, and a little different.  Over ten years later, the brand has still held true to the ideal of a car for a generation full of talented, innovative, and intelligent drivers.  It might not seem too far-fetched that the next generation of personal vehicles embodies many aspects of the next generation of drivers they were designed for.  Times are changing, and the next generation of personal vehicles has more to offer than a CD player and a few airbags.

Personal Vehicles that Cater to a Diverse Audience

Scion cars are designed for a hip, cool, and diverse audience.  They are easy to drive in urban areas, come with distinct exterior designs, and have a good fuel economy.  Generally speaking, Scions have lighter bodies and smaller frames that are ideal for both urban and suburban driving.  6-speed manual transmissions can help drivers zoom around traffic, and better design features make tight parking spaces more accessible.  Scions have something to offer for younger generations that want to purchase a cost-effective personal vehicle for the long-term.

Personal Vehicles that are Designed to Grow with Young Adults

New Scions offer a refreshingly affordable MSRP for young adults that are ready to take a new step in driver growth.   At some point, it is time to ditch the ancient car with over 150,000 miles for a new option that will last.  Instead of settling for a personal vehicle that does not represent who you are as a person, look at the brand of vehicle that has been designed for young adults.  Be the driver with a cool car that is also a wise investment.  After investing thousands in a new car, you deserve to purchase the kind of car you want to drive.  Treat yourself to a sporty or arty new car that you are excited about.  After all, you probably did not drive numerous vehicles that lacked air conditioning, radios, and adequate brakes as a teenager and college student for nothing.

Get the Vehicle You Deserve

Most young adults that are ready to purchase their first new car have paid their dues as a driver.  You should get the kind of car you deserve. Scions were designed specifically for a younger generation of drivers that have worked hard.  Look at a brand of personal vehicles that represents where you are in your life.  Embrace youth and fun without breaking the bank or making an unwise investment.

What You Can Expect from Scions

These personal vehicles have been almost immaculately designed to mimic young adulthood.  Plus, they are sustainable.  After a few years, Scions are great cars to be able to safely strap a car seat in the back and have ample room for diaper bags.

Takeaway Points for the Next Generation of Cars and Car Buyers

Toyota has done a phenomenal job designing a line of personal vehicles to fit a niche market segment.  A few takeaway points for young adults interested in Scions include the following:

1) Buy a new car that you actually want to drive
2) Look at a car that represents who you are
3) Take practical aspects such as cost of ownership and MSRP into account
4) Invest in a personal vehicle that you will love now and several years down the line

In the end, you deserve to drive the type of car you want. Look at the brand of personal vehicles that is designed for younger generations to find a car that reflects who you are as a person.

Image Source: Razvan Orendovici / Flickr - Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons 2.0
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