Everything You Need to Know About the Pass Plus Scheme

What is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is a scheme adopted by the Driving & Vehicles Standards Agency to promote additional training after a learner has taken their driving test. As an incentive to get more training, they have linked the scheme to potential discounts off of your car insurance.

Why Take the Pass Plus Scheme?

Many of the subjects covered whilst learning to drive do not fully prepare you for all aspects of driving on the UK roads today. For instance; as a learner you are not allowed to go onto a motorway, it is also rare to find a learner driver in a multi-storey car park.

Pass Plus can help in these and many other instances.

How much Does the Pass Plus Scheme Cost?

The cost of the Pass Plus Scheme will depend on the instructor or driving school. A Pass 4 U charge £150.00 for a 1 day Pass Plus training session.

If you are still learning to drive be cheeky and ask your instructor if they would give you a discount on Pass Plus. Often they will. I personally offer money off Pass Plus for each recommendation I get from my pupils.

Dont Want to Take Another Driving Test?

Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to take another test for pass plus. The scheme is purely based on the work you do with the driving instructor. Many learner driver instructors also offer Pass Plus learning, so if you take a course with the same driving school, you may well find that you have the same instructor that helped you to pass your driving test!

Pass Plus is broken down into 6 modules:

#1 Town Driving - Navigating multi lane junctions, unusual roundabouts and under/over passes.

#2 All-Weather Driving - Beeing seen, speed awareness, skidding, aquaplaning, driving in sleet/snow & ice.

#3 Rural Roads - Differences between town and rural driving, animals on the road, passing places, road debris, speeds on rural roads, safe overtaking.

#4 Night Driving - Lights, dusk & dawn, dazzling.

#5 Dual Carriageways
- Observation, judgement, joining and leaving, overtaking safely.

#6 Motorways - Planning, joining and leaving, observations, driving at speed, road signs & markings.

Pass Plus & Car Insurance Companies

As we stated before there is no pass or fail on the Pass Plus scheme just “Achieved” or “Exceeded” but all of these details are marked out on a form and this is then signed off by yourself and the instructor. At this point it is sent off to the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency who will in turn send back a certificate that can be presented to a car insurance company in order to get a discount.

Many car insurance companies will accept a photocopy of the form, once signed off, as proof. I know of a young guy who saved himself £600 (40%) off is 1st years car insurance. But be careful, not all car insurance companies will accept Pass Plus discounts - so shop about!

Some Councils will sponsor Pass Plus, to see who does check here. If you would like to see what the DVSA say about Pass Plus take a look here.

Good Luck and Safe Driving!
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