Where Should I Learn to Drive?


“Where should I learn to drive?” 

Some may think it's a silly thing to be concerned over, but it's a question that can mean the difference between passing or failing your driving test. As the owner of a nationwide UK driving school, we cover many driving test centers, as you can imagine, and have been monitoring and observing which area's help learner drivers to become safe and competent drivers, whilst maintaining an excellent pass rate. 

In my experience, I have found that the Colchester and Clacton-on-Sea areas of Essex offer the best chances at passing your driving test first time. Many of you will already know that a combination of many different styles of driving are needed to challenge the driving skills you need to gain.

“Why Choose Colchester or Clacton?” 

Both Colchester and Clacton-on-Sea are old towns that have newly developed areas's, offering learner drivers the best of both worlds.The older parts of town have tight roads with sharp corners and the newer parts of the area have wider roads with big sweeping corners and a few different size roundabouts, as well as plenty of one-way streets and wiggly roads. So you can rest assured that both Clacton-on-Sea and Colchester have the right driving environment for you to become a good, safe and competent driver, with the best chance of passing a driving test first time.

In addition to this, the following towns and villages in Essex are also served by Colchester driving test centre: Witham, Braintree, Mersea, Stanway, Coggeshall and Halstead. Whilst for Clacton, people are having driving lessons from Frinton, Harwich, Little Clacton, Manningtree and because of its reputation for having a great pass rate even Colchester!

The driving test centres are located at:

Clacton Driving Test Centre
103/105 Canarvon Road
Clacton on Sea
CO15 6PR

Colchester Driving Test Centre
Grange Way

Our driving instructors from Colchester and Clacton are called Neil, Steve and Terry. They will help you get to get on the road and change your life for the better. Our driving instructors have excellent pass rates, are local to the area that they teach, and are experts in driving tuition and to give you the very best chance of passing they will ensure that you spend time in and around the actual test routes, so no surprises come along on test day. 

You can see our prices for driving lessons and intensive driving courses at the following links:

Driving lessons Colchester
Intensive driving courses Colchester
Driving lessons Clacton-on-Sea
Intensive driving courses Clacton-on-Sea

Good luck & safe driving!
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