How To Check Driving Licences

In the last few months the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Authority have decided, as part of their policy to be paperless, to stop issuing the counterpart of the driving licence. So anyone renewing or applying for their 1st driving licence will only get the photocard. Many companies, insurance and hire car companies unable to check the validity of someone’s driving licence. The DVLA have set up a facility for anyone needing to check a driving licence to be able to check the validity of a licence and whether someone has any endorsements.

As driving instructors you need to know whether a pupil has a history of driving outside the rules and in fact whether they have a driving licence at all. Just because they have a driving licence in their hand does not mean that they have not been banned and just haven’t returned the licence.

What Does the Pupil Need to Do?

The pupil needs to logon to the “view driving record service” and set the facility up to start. It’s a simple process so should easily be done at To set the service up the pupil will need there driving licence number, national insurance number and post code.

Once they have set the facility up they then need to apply for a “check code”, which is done instantly online. The check code and the driving licence number then needs to be supplied to the driving instructor so they can view the pupil’s details online.

What Does the Driving Instructor Need to Do?

To view a pupils licence details online you will need the “check code” which should have been created by the pupil and their driving licence number. You need to be aware that the code is only valid for 21 days. To login into the system you will need to visit and enter the driving licence number and check code. You should now be able to see the main details of the licence including,
  • The valid from & to dates
  • Status
  • Endorsements
  • Categories
This should supply you with all the driving licence information you will require for your pupils. Some who are not very good with IT may need your help to set up the service.

The good bit about this service is that it’s free!

Image source: Clément / Flickr - Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons 2.0
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