What to do if Stopped by the Police for a Driving Offence?

Being pulled over by the Police for whatever reason may initially seem like a justified reason to panic, but the calm reality is that there is no need to jump to conclusions and worry excessively. If you are completely sure that you haven’t violated any laws of the road then you have nothing to fear and it might just be that an Officer has noticed a light may have blown or other comparatively minor issue.

Regardless of why you’re being pulled over though, the most important thing is to do as they say and stop your vehicle. Make sure it is safe to do so however (not always easy on a motorway for example) and once out of the way of traffic, secure your vehicle with engine turned off. From here, roll down your driver side window and if dark, turn on your interior light as a sign that you have nothing to hide.

Once engaged in a conversation with the Police, it’s vital that you remain polite and do exactly as instructed. Arguing excessively or even abusing an Officer will just dig you into further trouble whereas being on your best behaviour may see you let off with just a warning should it be only a minor offence you committed. Disputing the points of what went down won’t all of a sudden change their minds and if you have an opposing account of events then you will have the forum later to voice it.

If the Police Officer at the scene does decide to charge you with some type of driving offence, then you will receive a ticket at the scene or your details will be recorded and the Police will contact you in due course about how to proceed. Once summoned though, you will usually have a week with which to report to a Police Station with your full documentation to hand. From here it will be decided whether your offence constitutes going before a court, or if a lesser punishment such as a Speed Awareness Course will suffice.

The most important thing to bear in mind is that if you act throughout the process in good faith as honestly as possible and know you have not committed an excessively dangerous act behind the wheel, then your chances of being harshly punished are drastically reduced. Compliance will be your best friend, and hopefully enable you to get back in our car as soon as possible, with a renewed vigour for safe driving and appreciation for the laws of the road.
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