7 Mercedes That You Can Buy for Any Budget!

Budget Under £2,000 > Mercedes-Benz A-Class (1997-2004)

 In 1994, Mercedes-Benz confirmed that it would be launching a compact car by early 1997, which would be the company's first venture in this sector of the market. This car would be shorter than a supermini but as practical and spacious inside as a large family car. Over 1 million first generation A-Class models were sold between 1997 and 2004.

Budget Under £5,000 > Mercedes-Benz S-Class (1999-2006)

When the Mercedes S-Class was launched, it was hailed as one of the very best executive saloons you could buy. The newer version of the S-Class, that replaced the early model, looks only a little different, which means that the early examples of this model still look up to date. Best of all, its value has dropped significantly from release, making an older S-Class surprisingly cheap to buy.

Budget Under £10,000 > Mercedes-Benz E-Class (2009-2016)

The fourth-generation of the E-Class range of executive cars which was produced by Mercedes-Benz between 2009 and 2016 comes available as a 4-door saloon or a 5-door estate. This version of the E-Class features several safety technologies including driver drowsiness detection, lane departure warning, and traffic sign recognition. The 2009 E-Class’ design was inspired by the new design language Mercedes adopted at that time, a lot more angular and aggressive than its predecessors.

Budget Under £25,000 > Mercedes-Benz A-Class (2013-2018)

This A-Class is actually currently available at approximately £800 over £25,000 brand new for the 2018 entry-level 180d SE model, with cheaper versions available secondhand. Which means that you can upgrade and spend less. The price comes with a promise of class-leading levels of connectivity, as well as a new interior along with the most advanced version of the Mercedes-Benz Comand infotainment system available. It is larger than the previous two generations of the A-Class, with an entirely different and more appealing design aesthetic.

Budget Under £50,000 > Mercedes C-Class AMG (2014-2018)

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is one of the most visually appealing models on the market at the moment and the addition of a sporty AMG body kit only adds to the car's appeal. Plus the choice of engines available in the C-Class range means that this car may be cheaper to run than you might anticipate.

Budget £50k-£100K > Mercedes-AMG GT (2015-2018)

Often compared to the Porsche 911, the GT is the entry-level variant of the Mercedes-AMG GT two-seater sports car family. The exterior design is similar to that of the preceding SLS AMG, but using forward-opening doors instead of the iconic gullwing style and equipped with 19" wheels front and rear. The Mercedes AMG GT was released into an extremely tough sector of the market, but it holds its own against its rivals.

Budget £100K+ > Mercedes Maybach S-Class (2018)

Subtle refinements help to accentuate the Mercedes-Maybach's classically modern shape. Details such as fine chrome detailing to the elegantly sporty wheels, ambient lighting and music, all adding to the appeal. A Mercedes-Maybach carries itself as elegantly as it carries its passengers. Oh, it can also talk to people through its headlights.

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